Drawbacks of B.Ed course studying

01. If a married female study any teaching education course, she loss many things.
02. Her urgency of go to college she will not able to keep childrens and husband happly.
03. because of doing more and more educational aids her husband also affected and she wants compulsory help from him.
04. both of them cannot enjoy child's performance and lifestyle
05. more money, energy, petrol and time was wasted
06. it will creates more family problems and ego problems
07. childs also miss parents love and care
08. so my best advice is study in only before marriage and enjoy marriage life.
09. Do not follow others in course selection it should be selected by your own wish only.
10. grand parents are compulsory to handle the childs, in this case.
11. Whole family cannot eat a healthy foods during that study period if it is separate family.
12. so please do not study this waste teacher education because the any degree or +2 students can take and handle classes without B.Ed/M.Ed and also they got high salary due to their experience
13. and also fight comes often between husband and wife. that spoils childrens life


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