Float or sink: fruits for thought

Vigyan Prasar's Low Cost Physics Experiments: Float or sink? Fruits for thought... Vignan Prasar & IISER, Pune present Prof Pierre Fontes who through kitchen, toys and day to day materials deconstructs the aura of science for school teachers... Read more
Deconstructing Classroom processes

In response to requests from teacher educators, for video snippets of actual classrooms that can be used as discussion triggers in our teacher-interaction workshops, Azim Premji Foundation has collaborated with The Teacher Foundation (TTF) in creating films on classroom practices. The films don’t intend to capture  any “Ideal classroom”. They depict certain classroom practices in government schools in Karnataka. Although the films are in Kannada, the classroom processes captured, transcend language barriers...Read more
A fairy tale story in Arunachal

A typical rainy day… the kids of Apna Vidya Bhavan gather round me to hear the story of Peter Pan. Their faces are a treat for my eyes. As I expected them to, by the end of the story, they ask me, “How do we go to Neverland?” Before I could answer them they bombard me with their creative answers... Read more
Teaching science through games
While teaching her students about vitamins and minerals, M. Sandacoumary came up with the idea of a game on the topic. She shares the game here, in this article published in Thisaimani (Journey 3) - an APF-Puducherry District Institute publication... Read more


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