Duties of Education Officer

To attend to the disciplinary cases of the staff in Education Department.
2)  To  put  up  proposal  to  concerned  authorize  for  orders  regarding  preparation  of  duplicate  service
record,  grant  of  medical  aid  to  school  staff,  regularizing  cases  by  dispensing  with  production  of
M.M.E.'s encashment of leave , stagnation increment, grant of L.T.A. in respect of school staff.
3)  To study and scrutinize and dispose of individual representation from the schools staff in connection
with  seniority  and  finally  put  up  proposals  with  specific  recommendations/justifications  to  E.O.  for
orders, if any changes are required.
4)  To  put  up  proposals  regarding  change  in  date  of  birth,  names  etc.  in  respect  of  school  staff  to
D.M.C.'s orders through L.O/ D.A.E.F. as they case may be.
5)  To  attend  to  correspondence  regarding  O  &  M.O.(M.C.'s)  report  regarding  visit  of  his  staff  to
schools to inspect maintenance of muster, record etc and follow up reports.
6)   To  send  charge  report  to  Jt.C.A  wherever  necessary  and  pass  orders  regarding  recovery  as  per
recommendations of Jt. C.A. upto the limit of Rs.500/-
7)  To  put  up  proposals  regarding  in-charge  allowance  to  Dy.Head  Teachers  for  looking  after  Head
Teachers  work over 3 months to E.O. for administrative sanction etc.
8)  To study and scrutinize and dispose of individual representation form the school staff in the matter
of  grade,  allowances,  pay,  increment,  confirmation etc.  and  finally  put  up  proposals  with  specific
recommendation /justification to E.O. for orders, if any charges are required.
9)  To attend to the work of monthly diaries of A.O.(Schools)
10) To  accept  resignation,  voluntary  retirement  and  termination/cessation  of  teachers  and  pass  orders  on
the  proposals  referred  as  per  provision  of  Bombay  Municipal  Corporation  (Service  Regulation,  1989.
Invalidation cases as per M.M.E.'s certificates of schools staff as per rules and after following procedure
as laid down and give intimation to Head office for nothing.
11) To  attend  to  the  individual  applications  and/or  those  received  for  transfer  of  Teachers/  Dy.  Head
Teachers/Head Teachers.
12) To sanction continuation beyond 55 years to school staff i.e. Class IV 
13) To sanction leave cases with benefits of vacations to schools staff with diet allowances and monetary
benefits as per rules.
14) To give permission for holding send-off functions in respect of school staff as per rules laid down in
this behalf.
15)  To put up proposals regarding confirmation of Asstt. Teachers in the ones as per rules after obtaining
remark of B.O.'s etc to E.O. for sanction.
16) Grant of N.O.C. for going out of India and forward application for outside employment as per rules in
respect of school staff (except application to M.P.S.C)
17) To maintain register of final P/F/Pension claim of school staff in respective one and submit quarterly
reports to D.A.E.F in the required proforma.
18)  To  collect  information  regarding  requirements  of  books,  furniture  etc.  other  teaching  materials,
Science materials maps etc and put up proposals regarding the respective zones to E.O. for orders.
19) To  put  proposals  regarding  repairs  to  T.V.  Sets,  Clocks,  Sewing  Machines,  Chairs  and  other
equipments in the schools to E.O. for orders.
20) To collect information and collect the same with regard to furniture articles in the schools in the zone
and put up to E.O. for further sanction.
21) To collect requirement of text books for schools in the zones and put up proposals to E.O. for further
sanction and arrange the distribution thereof after sanction.
22) Scrutinizing  and  sanctioning  request  for  use  of  halls,  playgrounds,  maidans,  school  premises  and
compounds for temporary use up to 3 days as per rules.
23) To put up the proposals regarding change of name of schools & office addresses, telephones and allied
matters in the zones with recommendations, to E.O.
24) To study proposals regarding acquisition of plots, construction of schools and classes, etc in the newly
constructed building for schools.
25) To  attend  to  proposals  regarding  allotment  of  accommodation  for  schools  and  classes,  etc.  in  the
newly constructed building for schools.
26) To attend M.C./D.M.C.'s rounds, E.C's inspection round as when instructed.
27) To arrange and supervise the inauguration functions of new school building and after obtaining E.O.'s
28) As  per  the  funds  allocated  to  respective  zones,  to maintain  a  register  therefore  and  make  periodical
report  to  E.O.  regarding  utilization  of  funds  with regard  to  (and  also  attend  to  work  regarding  the
1.  Repairs  to  the  schools  premises,  school  compounds, and  playground  access  roads  to
2.  Providing  ceiling  fans,  suction  tanks,  over  head  storage  tanks,  pumping  sets,  loud
speakers and separate water connection etc.
3.  Cleanliness  of  school  premises,  compounds,  insecticide  treatment,  planting  of  trees,
unhealthy surrounding etc. 
4.  Electric installations in the schools.
5.  Special and heavy repairs to schools.
29) To attend to the correspondence regarding.
I.  Nuisance to school building/to compounds from eatable sellers.
II.  Fire to schools buildings.
III.  Planting of and laying gardens in schools in zones.
30) To deal with proposals in the matter of Trust funds, Prizes, Scholarship to pupils in the schools in the
zones which have already been approval by the Administration?
31) To put up new proposals regarding administrative approval through E.O.
32) To sanction proposals regarding granting advances to the schools in the respective zones for electricity
33) To  scrutinize  and  sanction  non-departmental  bills  upto  Rs.100/-  subject  to  rules  in  the  matter  of
nominal charges, transport charges, repairs to articles within the grant allocated to zones.
34) To attend to correspondence regarding  accidents, mishaps, missing of pupils, theft etc and to submit
report in this respect to E.O. for information & to follow up action.
35) To  formulate  proposals  in  connection  with  conduct  of  examinations  in  municipal  schools  and  to
process after getting E.O.'s for information & to follow up action.
36) To  attend  to  correspondence  regarding  conduct  of  Drawing  Exams.    For  municipal  schools  children
with the Govt.
37) To attend to the work of-
  i) Giving permission for practice lessons.
       ii) Giving permission and for change in medium of pupils upto IV
38) To  plan  and  supervise  the  conduct  of  vacation  Classes  in  the  respective  zones  as  per  the  program
given by the E.O.
39) To attend to the work of giving permission to school excursions for more than one day 's duration upto
3 days and also for outside City limits as per rules.
40) To  attend  to  correspondence  with  schools  and  decide  as  per  policy  regarding  displays  of  photos  of
National Leaders.
41) To attend to the correspondence regarding medical inspection of schools children in respective zones.
42) To attend to the correspondence regarding co-operative stores.
43) To maintain a file and attend correspondence regarding weekly programmer and monthly reports form
A.O.'s (Schools).
44) To  attend  the  correspondence  regarding  loss  of  books  of    Teachers  Library  by  teachers,  for  the
responsibility and propose recovery.
45) To  attend  the  correspondence  regarding  adoption  of schools  by  Lions  Clubs  etc.  and  to  put  up
proposals to E.O. for orders.
46) To  attend  the  correspondence  regarding  nuisance  and  harassment  by  out  siders  to  school  to  school
staff and students and Vice-versa.
47) To attend the correspondence regarding admissions of pupils in schools.
48) To  scrutinize  the  proposals  and  put  up  for  administrative  sanction  with  D.L.  to  M.S.  wherever
necessary  regarding  opening  &closing  of  schools,  introduction  of  single,  double  &  shorter  sessions,
splitting  &  amalgamation  of  schools,  conversion  of schools  into  classes  &  vice  versa,  opening  and
closing of higher stds. etc. taking over private schools.
49) To  collect  information  from  the  A.O.'s  (Schools)  in  respective  zones  and  submit  to  E.O.  regarding
S.N.O.'s interpellations, Notice of motion, outstanding resolution etc.
50) To attend to the work  and decide regarding shifting of  classes  and schools in the case of  emergency
under intimation to E.O.
51) To  verify  and  scrutinize  proposals  received  form  A.O.'s  (Schools)  in  the  respective  zones  regarding
requirements  of  teachers  and  class  IV  employees  viz.  Peons,  P.T.  Hamals,  Mali  caretakers,  Security
Guards and submit to E.O. for orders.
52) To attend the correspondence and decide regarding duty hours and duty list etc. of schools staff as per
rules and formula already sanctioned.
53) To  attend  to  allotment  and  adjustment  of  Class  IV  employees  in  schools  in  respective  zones  and
putting up requirement to Head Office.
54) To assist the E.O. in implementation of different schemes, policy decisions in the schools in zones.
55) To attend to the work of management and opening of mentally retarded schools/classes in the zones.
56) To  make  overall  inspection  of  schools  comprising  in  the  zones  at  least  once  in  3  years  and  fix  the
grade of the schools.
57) To  place  the  activities  and  supervise  the  work  of  the  staff  of  Audit  Visual  Section  in  the  respective
58) To guide A.O.'s (School) in the respective zone in planning and organizing centers.
59) To attend to any other work that may be assignment by the supervisors/E.O.
60) To order Preliminary Enquiry on the following cases and submit the Preliminary Enquiry reports with
their recommendations to E.O. for further orders.
i)  Anonymous complaints
ii)  Employees remaining absent unauthorized
iii) Loss of school Leaving Certificate from the schools
iv) Tempering of records such as putting wrong time in the muster, misuse, etc.
v)  Negligence of duties of minor nature and insubordination to the superiors and misbehavior.
61) To refer the cases regarding following subjects to A.O. (Enquiry) or E.O. as mentioned there  
i)  Cases involving pilferage or misappropriation of Municipal Property or funds and moral
turpitude A.O.(Enquiry)
ii)  Theft cases-Security officer
iii) Friction or Fight amongst the Municipal Employee-E.O.
   62)  To  work  as  a  Chairperson  of  Promotion  Committee  for  deciding  Promotions  of  Head  Teachers  and
Dy. Head Teachers.
   63) To work as a Chairperson of Interview Pannel Board of Teacher Post
   64) To work as a Chairperson of Tender Committee for selecting books.
  65) To work as resource person for the training programme for the officers, Beat Officers, Head Teachers
and Dy.Head Teachers at Training Centre.
  66) To attend to Interpellations as and when directed by E.O. to remain present as a representative for the
meeting called by A.M.C/M.C. as and when directed by E.O.
  67) To pay the visits to Administrative Officers supervise the work of Administrative Officers.
  68) To sanction the C.L. to A.O. (Schools)
  69) To approve the weekly programme of A.O. (S) and check their diaries.
  70) To organize meeting of A.O.(S) periodically and to guide them
  71) To attend ward councilors meeting as representative of E.O.
  72) Writing of confidential history sheet of A.O.(Schools)
  73) Any other work assigned by education officer and other higher authorities.

Additional Duties of Education Officer
1)  To get the repair work of the schools done.
2)  To get the school building demolished those which are beyond repair.
3)  To  make  available  the  drinking  water,  room  facility  and  clock  room  facility  in  case  they  are  not
available or found in sufficient to get the school compound work done where they don't exist and to get
the broken school compounds repaired.
4)  To make necessary arrangement for keeping school premises clean.
5)  To make use of schools halls only for students programmes, parents meeting and educational activities.
6)  To make available sufficient learning materials to the students for upgrading the standards of education.
7)  To publish the manual of Education Department.
8)  To widened the scope of adoption of schools.
9)  To increase the budgetary provision of school repair work
10)To increase the budgetary provision of impress 
11)To make necessary budgetary provision to carry out the above work.
12)To support vermiculture project being implemented in schools at all wards.
13)To support & implement SSA at schools level
14)To inspect the distribution 26 item to all Municipal schools.
15)To inspect reserve plots for Municipal Schools.
16)To look after the repairs of rented / owned premises 
17)To conduct mid-day meal scheme 
18)To regulate newly introduced Public Partnership Cell of Education Department.


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