Sentence pattern

Sentence pattern : SV IO DO

                        Father                          gives                  Swaminathan                          a ball

                        Subject(s)           +       Verb(v)                + Object                 + Object          

Father              gives                Swaminathan               a ball

                   gives what ?                                             Direct Object DO

                 gives whom ?           Indirect Object IO

Sheela told me a story.                            S       V     DO         IO      
              S       V   IO     DO                           Sheela told a story to me

He gave mani his pen                          S     V       DO          IO         
             S     V    IO         DO                         He gave his pen to mani

            We show them our pictures                  S      V          DO            IO 
             S      V     IO          DO                      We show our pictures  to them

            Viji bought mary a gift.
              S      V       IO      DO
Fill in the patterns for the following sentences.
  1. I gave him a pen.                                 -           I gave a pen to him
  2. Mohana showed me a poem.              -           Mohana showed a poem to me
  3. My sister teaches me grammar.           -           My sister teaches grammar to me
  4. My teacher asked me a question.        -           My teacher asked a question to me
  5. My father bought me a watch.            -          
S          V         IO                    DO

S          V         DO      (To)     IO
Note : PREPUSTION (to) must be inserted between DO and IO
            Only the Preposition ‘to’ has the passive Voice.


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