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Ex-Servicemen G.O

G.O. No., &  Date
Subject G.O.Ms.No.42,
16th January 1970 Vesting Order and Scheme relating to Post War Services Reconstruction Fund and Special Fund for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen. G.O.Ms.No. 1083
Dated: 18.12.1976 PUBLIC SERVICES – Posts outside the purview of Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission – Recruitment of Sons / Unmarried Daughters / Widows of Defence Personnel killed / disabled in action or died in harness procedure of recruitment through Employment Exchange – Relaxation – Orders – Issued. G.O. Ms.No.188
Dated: 28th December 1976 PUBLIC SERVICES - Recruitment through Employment Exchanges - Order of priority - Revised Orders - Issued. G.O.Ms.No.1142
Dated:30.06.79 Medical Education – Admission to 1st Year Integrated MBBS Course Reservation of seats for the children of ex-deceased serving Defence personnel – Orders Issued. G.O.Ms.No.631
Dated: 09.04.1981
NCC - Reservation of higher percentag…

Duties of Education Officer

To attend to the disciplinary cases of the staff in Education Department.
2)  To  put  up  proposal  to  concerned  authorize  for  orders  regarding  preparation  of  duplicate  service
record,  grant  of  medical  aid  to  school  staff,  regularizing  cases  by  dispensing  with  production  of
M.M.E.'s encashment of leave , stagnation increment, grant of L.T.A. in respect of school staff.
3)  To study and scrutinize and dispose of individual representation from the schools staff in connection
with  seniority  and  finally  put  up  proposals  with  specific  recommendations/justifications  to  E.O.  for
orders, if any changes are required.
4)  To  put  up  proposals  regarding  change  in  date  of  birth,  names  etc.  in  respect  of  school  staff  to
D.M.C.'s orders through L.O/ D.A.E.F. as they case may be.
5)  To  attend  to  correspondence  regarding  O  &  M.O.(M.C.'s)  report  regarding  visit  of  his  staff  to
schools to inspect maintenance of muster, …

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